Thank you, Chrissy Teigen

Thank you, Chrissy Teigen

Last November, just days after Thanksgiving, Jared and I left for a two-week adventure. We hit up Tokyo, Hong Kong and Thailand. More accurately I should say that we started our eating tour through these countries. We ate a ridiculous amount of food! We started our trip out in Tokyo and it was so crazy cold that our heavy jackets and sweaters disguised what could no longer be hidden when we hit the beaches of Thailand. It’s not like we gained 10 lbs during that week. We had left with a bit of holiday weight to begin with. However, the sushi, poki bowls, coconuts and curry did us zero favors!

If you follow us on Instagram you know that we like to take pictures of ourselves. Not many people get to see this in action. To be honest we have to balance out the fact that we want fun pictures of our travels with the embarrassment of setting up a tripod and working poses. For this reason we do things quickly.  Our first attempt at some beautiful sunset beach pictures left us both incredibly self-conscious and one of us in tears. It was me. I was the one in tears.

Now, let’s make something clear. We are ALL about body positivity BUT knowing how to express that in a bikini is not so easy! Instead of sweating it out in a parka on the beach feeling overly dramatic, we hit up Google to tell us how to pose in swimwear. I’m not joking! I have just outed us as being even more vain than what anyone suspected. An article came up with an interview with Chrissy Teigen talking about the importance of lighting, angles and popping out your butt. She complained about how her lower back hurt after a day of shooting from all the booty pops. Gotta love that woman’s transparency! We both set to work practicing, then we hit the beach with a new plan. I popped my butt, stood on my tip toes, Jared flexed and we placed our hands to cover each others love handles. Relationship goals right there, folks.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t stop enjoying your time to the fullest while on vacation. A bad picture shouldn’t ruin your trip. Have dessert every single night if you want! Also realize that those beautiful models have their tricks and those are tricks you can use if you want to. I cannot stress enough how much an angle or lighting can either make you feel like Cindy Crawford or a bridge troll. Ever catch yourself off guard with your front facing camera? Angles are everything! No matter your body type, I guarantee that you can find a pose that makes you feel like you should be getting paid to look that damn good!

After round two of sunset beach pictures our moods had completely changed thanks to some Googled advice from Chrissy Teigen. We found our angles, we felt good in our bodies and we stuffed our faces with curry in a nearby restaurant.

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