Sunset Karate

Sunset Karate

One of the perks of living in San Diego is having our pick of beautiful sunset locations. If we wanted we could watch the sunset on a different beach every night of the week. One of our favorite spots is on top of Gliderport. This spot gets its name because that’s where you can go paragliding or hang gliding off of a cliff on Torrey Pines. You can choose to view the sunset while on top of the cliff or you can take the hike down to Blacks Beach. Either spot is incredible if you ask us, and each has its own special points. A section of Blacks Beach is a nudist beach if you’re into taking in the sunset while also feeling the breezes in your birthday suit. While Jared and I aren’t super into the restrictions of clothes we also aren’t super into being nude on the beach. However, we aren’t really opposed to others enjoying their naked time in designated areas.

One day Jared and I decide to be super romantic by packing a picnic and made our way down the trail to Blacks Beach. We had been working so much and could not wait to get our lovey sunset time on. We laid out the blanket and unpacked the picnic I had brought. The cool breeze forcing us to snuggle in a little closer together while we caught up with what was going on in each of our lives that week. The sunset that night was outrageous! The bright orange and pinks danced off the clouds. As the sun got lower, the sky turned more purple. Jared turned to me and said, “Can you believe we live here?” I still can’t believe we live here.


If we were cartoons you would see hearts floating all around us, and we would have big twinkly Disney eyes. Then an event took place that brought everything to the next level. A fully naked man was practicing karate in the silvery blue waves. The glorious sunset was the backdrop for his sweet punches and kicks. I am sure you can imagine the other area that was swinging with every deep lunge, every high kick and every wave jump.


We fully expected nudity on a nude beach but Mr. Karate man made our sunset picnic so special and added a romantic factor that we never knew was needed in our lives. Thank you Mr. Karate man, wherever you are.

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