10 of our random travel essentials

10 of our random travel essentials

Over the course of a few trips, both long and short, Jared and I have a set of random things that we never leave home with out. Things that help us sleep better in a new environment, things that help us stay fit in any location and things that we keep on hand because we have been in a tough spot without them.  These are random things that we bring with us no matter where we go and no matter what the weather will be like at the destination. Think we should add something? Let us know!

Sleep machine

  • Jared can not sleep if he hears any random noises at all. It’s honestly out of control but this baby helps us both to sleep well wherever we are.

Resistance bands I also bring this one as well

  • Check out Pinterest for some exercise tips!


  • I know these are meant for swimmers but Jared swears by these! He is such a light sleeper that normal earplugs just don’t cut it.

Pillows – We never ever travel without our pillows from home. I know, they are big and bulky but they make a world of a difference when sleeping in a less than comfortable bed in a new environment.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones – His

Bose In- Ear Headphones – Hers

Luggage scale

  • Because we are ALWAYS over the max weight.

Laundry bags

  • Keep your dirty undies away from your clean ones people.

Envirosax Reusable Grocery Bags or ChicoBag Vita Reusable Bag

  • I could write a full post alone on my obsession with reusable bags. I got my first set of Envirosax 10 years ago and only just recently had to replace them! At the time California hadn’t banned plastic bags but we lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor in a complex with out an elevator. Carrying a few of these up the stairs vs arms full of plastic bags was a no brainer for me. The US is a bit behind when it comes to banning single use plastic bags so it may come as a surprise to some travelers when a grocery store in the country they are visiting either charges for bags or doesn’t even have them at all. Even if you are planning on going to a country or state that hasn’t banned plastic bags you should still pack a couple! We’ve been thankful for them while using public transit with our groceries, we’ve busted them out after a day at the beach, they have been useful for unplanned souvenirs we pick up and we’ve packed our lunch in them on days we don’t want to bring the backpack.

Power pack

  • Since phones have become our source for directions, reviews, translator, camera and entertainment we need it charged at all times!

Ziplock plastic bags (sandwich size and gallon size) and 2 small tupperware

  • We like to pack snacks and our lunches when we go out for the day. The first time we took a trip without these things we were up a creek. Kind of hard to pack a lunch without something to pack it in! The ziplocks also help to keep small things organized within your bag or daypack.

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    • That’s great! I hope you find it useful. I may end up updating this list a while because I forgot to add Coconut Oil packets from Trader Joe’s and we are going to try traveling with a Nutri-Bullet. We’ll let you guys know how that goes soon!

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