Find Your Pack

Find Your Pack
Jared and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Michele  over the last few months. Her story is one that we resonate with and PACK. is a company that excites us to our very core. We know we aren’t alone in taking careers a bit outside the box while feeding the travel bug that lives and grows every day within us. Check out her story below and follow @findyourpack on Instagram or go to  for more information on how to become a part of this incredible community of digital nomads!
“I thought I had checked all the right boxes. I graduated college, landed a remote job, and paid my bills.  I had location independence, but I still felt something was missing.  “Working from home” was starting to mean working from my couch day in and day out, and letting my day job drain me of the zest for life I had once possessed. 
Last year I joined a group of other digital nomads on a month-long trip to Bali, Indonesia.  We came from all corners of the globe and all professional backgrounds, yet the sense of community I felt was immediate.   During the trip I naturally fell into the role of planner, and I filled our days and weekends with new adventures, food, and friends.  The joy I felt when my friends gushed about our awesome weekend villa, or how great the cooking class was gave me a sense of purpose and satisfaction I had been missing.  One afternoon while chatting over the most delicious noodle bowl in a Balinese cafe, it dawned on me that feeling bored, lost, and isolated in today’s world was not something I should accept. That the connection and satisfaction I had felt in that place and with those people did not have to be once in a lifetime. So I decided to dedicate myself to creating well-planned, unforgettable travel experiences for groups of people who craved more, like I did.
PACK. was born from a yearning for adventure, enlightenment, and community.  If we take our work, our experiences, and ourselves beyond the office walls and share the discovery with others, we can achieve a level of productivity and satisfaction we never thought was possible.  I truly believe each PACK. experience is a chance for us to connect more deeply with ourselves and our world and to become members of an encouraging, inspiring, and extraordinary global community. “

Michele DiLisio, Founder


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