Down & Dirty

Down & Dirty

Jared and I LOVE to be outdoors. One of our favorite things to do when we travel is find a hiking path to explore. It feels so good to get out, get dirty and let loose some of the wiggles built up from a flight. So far one of our favorite places to hike is Maui. To be fair, one of our favorite places period is Maui. For such a small island it has endless amounts of things to do and explore.

On our last trip to Maui we hiked up Waihe’e Ridge Trail. This trail isn’t very long but it is incredibly scenic. You’ll hike through the forest reserve, spot waterfalls along the way and end up in the clouds on top of a mountain. The day we decided to hike this trail I was raining off and on. We don’t mind a little mud and rain so we pushed forward. The higher we climbed the more beautiful the views were. We had a view of the whole West side of Maui! The trail was steep but not overly difficult and absolutely worth every step. We were amazed at how different things looked at the top versus where we had started on the bottom. On our way back down it started to rain and we laughed at our luck. As we carefully made our way back our jokes became fewer and fewer because the trail was turning into a mini waterfall itself! Every other step one of us would loose our footing and slide down a few feet hitting a few rocks along the way. Ever the optimist I would try to lighten the mood by pointing out more beautiful things or have a laugh at us sliding all over. Every once in a while we would pass by other hikers coming back down with the same thrilled but beat up expression on their faces. By the time we hit the bottom we were covered in mud from head to toe and laughing at how ridiculous things got in such a short amount of time.


The best thing about hiking is seeing the beauty of nature, getting the chance to push ourselves and feel the rush of excitement over achieving something difficult. It’s amazing how clear headed and determined one can feel after being physically pushed. The freedom of being outdoors brings a wildness back into our eyes as we come home dirty, smelly and get to tell the story of how we beat a mountain that day.

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